Curb-Side Delivery

Curb-Side Delivery

Any non-hazardous items can be delivered curb-side by Freight Rite. Your customer is important to us, and on-time delivery keeps everyone on schedule and satisfied. From construction materials to home improvement products, curb-side delivery is cost-effective and efficient for your company.

We deliver curb-side products that include:

  • Lumber
  • Building supplies
  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Mulch and dirt
  • Trees and bushes
  • Lawn & Garden hardscape materials

Dock-to-dock service by Freight Rite includes any general freight delivery that can utilize our box trucks. Our fleet of over 20 box trucks cover a 100 mile radius of any of our warehousing facilities. We can deliver any non-hazardous product, from electrical and plumbing supplies to building materials and lumber.

Contact Freight Rite today for a free quote for curb-side delivery of products your customer needs!