Company Information

Company Information

Freight Rite Inc. was founded in 2005 in order to better meet the needs of the home delivery industry.  The founders of Freight Rite Inc. came from companies serving the residential moving industry, the product warehousing industry, and the appliance delivery and installation industry.  Combining the knowledge obtained from these logistic niches, Freight Rite Inc. has developed a warehousing and delivery operation that can customize itself to the highly specialized individual needs of its customers.

Our company was formed with one mission:  To enable retailers and manufacturers to put more focus  on their own products and sales by utilizing the logistics expertise of Freight Rite Inc. to increase their market share through superior focused product handling, home delivery and product installations.

Freight Rite Inc. has successfully partnered with manufacturers and retailers in appliances, furniture, mattresses, windows, cabinets, countertops, lawn and garden supplies, and  various other building supplies, helping those industries to more efficiently handle, deliver and install their product in consumer’s homes.

Through excellent customer service Freight Rite Inc. has continually grown and expanded both its service offerings and its coverage areas, and is positioned to assist a wide variety of industries and retailers with their logistic needs!

Our services include:

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