About Us

About Us

Freight Rite Inc. offers warehousing, receiving, product processing, home delivery and installation services in a customizable format that allows each manufacturer and retailer to ensure that their consumer’s delivery expectations are fulfilled as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Whether you have a tried and true logistics process in place and are looking for a reliable and professional company to outsource the handling of your logistics process or if you are a manufacturer or retailer in need of a company to assess your logistics situation and devise a better format for servicing your consumer’s home deliveries, product handling or warehousing concerns, Freight Rite Inc. is capable of efficiently and professionally servicing those needs.

In WAREHOUSING, Freight Rite Inc. has the ability to customize its receiving, processing and storage of product to the exact needs of its retailers and manufacturers.  From the receiving and unloading of customer product, to damage and defect inspections, cycle counts, inventory reporting, and returns processing, Freight Rite Inc. warehousing staff members are trained to handle, track and process your product storage and handling needs professionally and accurately.

Providing the HOME DELIVERY industry with top notch customer service, security and convenience is the foundation of Freight Rite Inc. service.   Each straight truck in our fleet is staffed with a professional two man delivery crew.  Each truck is equipped with a power lift gate, and is stocked with the tools of the trade to ensure that your product is protected on its journey to the consumer.  All Freight Rite Inc. delivery crew personnel must pass stringent criminal background testing and drug testing which ensures heightened security and safety in the home delivery process.   As a Freight Rite Inc. customer, retailers and manufacturers enjoy the convenience of our customer service and dispatch staff that carefully and thoroughly ensures that each customer order is scheduled on time by providing scheduling call ahead services, day-before-delivery 4-hour time window call notifications, and day-of -delivery customer notification calls 30 minutes prior to delivery.  Our in-house customer service staff can also take care of any form of proof-of-delivery reporting or bill-of-lading tracking in a manner that best fits the needs of the individual retailer or manufacturer.

The added benefit of Freight Rite Inc. INSTALLATION SERVICES increases the value of our home delivery offerings.  From appliances, to furniture, mattresses and all other manners of household goods, our crews are professionally trained to assemble and install our retailers and manufacturers products in the consumer’s home.

All combined, Freight Rite Inc. services assist our customer’s in achieving all of the following:

  • Alleviate space concerns by taking advantage of our warehousing facilities
  • Eliminate costly workers compensation rates associated with warehousing and delivery
  • Eliminate risk and exposure brought on by operating trucks on public roads
  • Eliminate maintenance expenses and gasoline expenses by eliminating costly truck fleets
  • Increase inventory tracking accuracy with our dedicated and professional staff
  • Increase delivery coverage areas by taking advantage of our distribution territory
  • Increase customer satisfaction with more delivery day offerings into more areas
  • Increase your sales by utilizing our larger delivery territory and service offerings
  • Increase professionalism and customer satisfaction with skilled delivery crews
  • Increase your sales by utilizing our skilled installation technicians